OgilvyOne honoured

CITY-BASED DIRECT marketing firm, OgilvyOne, has bagged the bronze Lion at Cannes this year for its Hutch campaign.

The direct marketing blitz last year took several readers of a business daily in the city by surprise when the cellular company placed personalised advertisements inviting them to subscribe for their service. "It's everybody's dream to see his or her name on the front page of a daily. When we executed the plan, it was a pleasant surprise for many," says Saroja Kannan, the local head for OgilvyOne who devised the campaign.

As part of the campaign, Hutch and OgilvyOne, drew up a list of 1,200 persons constituting of the `who's who' of the city. The `target' audience was then extended a personal invitation by the OgilvyOne team, who screen printed their names in the daily. "The daily had completed their normal run by 1 a.m. We then had to print the additional copies and screen-print the names by 5 a.m. It was a nightmare," Saroja Kannan laughs. But finally, all the efforts seem to have paid off.

Hutch was beaming with the incredible response to the direct marketing initiative, with their call centres receiving more than 200 calls within the first three working hours on the day when the advertisement appeared.

More significantly for OgilvyOne, this is just the first award from Cannes for any South Indian agency. And they hope that it is only the beginning.

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