Now special biscuits for special kids

TWO THOUSAND years ago, the Roman politician-philospher Cicero despaired "O Tempora, O Mores'' (What times! What customs!) in the Senate. Twenty centuries later, the despairing call could perhaps voice the collective lament of our age when even a biscuit is launched with a punchline like "Here is something for a good cause.''

Nirula's, a prominent fast food chain in the Capital, on Wednesday launched a special line of biscuits custom-made for ``street children'' and high on nutrition. The biscuits have been launched with the objective of promoting the cause of healthier living.

The power-packed cookies have been made from a special recipe inspired by the unique cause of introducing fortified nutrition into the diet of street kids and has been endorsed by the American Soybean Association. It comprises requisite ingredients like khandsari sugar, whole wheat flour, soya protein and drum stick leaves. While the cookie is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and essential vitamins they have been priced at Rs. 35 for a 250 gm pack. However, representatives from the Nirula's admitted that the cookies could not be bought by the people they are meant for but were "the ideal substitute for money and other giveaways for the underprivileged of society''. Launching the products in the presence of senior executives from Nirula's and the Regional Director, ASA, Virgil Miedema, voiced their concern about the undernourishment prevalent among street children and clarified that the biscuits would be freely available and had been introduced for the underprivileged because these sections were generally undernourished.

By Our Staff Reporter

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