Now pubs will also serve the frothy, refreshing beverage

Coffee Prince and Coffee Princess posing with other models.

Coffee Prince and Coffee Princess posing with other models.  

ONE MORE frothy, refreshing beverage was added to the menu of pubs in Bangalore this week. Not malt and hop but the fresh brew from select coffee beans.

For the patrons of our City's pubs, the Coffee Week celebrations were something different. The evenings in the pub began with Emcee Justin announcing the hunt for the Coffee Prince and Coffee Princess.

Even as Tata Coffee was brewing authentic South Indian ``filter kapee'', black coffee and Irish Coffee (a heady mix of black coffee, whisky and Irish coffee) in test tubes, the guests were prompted to take a quick swig of these test tube shots by the beautiful girls and handsome boys called ``Coffee Blossoms'' who circulated around for these tasting sessions.

Does Bangalore really need a coffee promotion, since most of us just cannot do without our morning cup, not to mention all those cups in between? The answer is yes, because we're told that many youngsters now prefer colas, if not beer or more heady stuff. While the colas do contain some caffeine, they are not equal to the real stuff. And, while coffee is a healthy stimulant in small doses, alcohol is actually a depressant and can have bad effects on your body and mind if imbibed in large quantities.

Seen here is Coffee Prince Vishal, crowned by Bangalore's leading models, Vyjayanthi and Rakhi. The Coffee Princess Nitasha was crowned by the Ashok Kuriyan couple, one of the State's leading planters, and who are actively involved in hosting the Coffee Week.

They were crowned at the i-Bar, the City's popular lounge bar.

Among the celebrities present at the ``crowning'' were models Rakesh, Kevin, Shaban and the Convenor of the Indian International Coffee Festival, Anil Bhandari, and leading coffee planter, M.C.George.

The Coffee Week reaches its crescendo on Saturday with a grand event organised by Prasad Bidappa Associates at The Club on Mysore Road.

The Coffee Prince and Princess will be presented and the Grasim Mr. India contestants will parade and DJ Assad will keep the crowd rocking followed by DJ Whosane's Trance numbers.

He will be accompanied by a percussionist, and this combination is bound to keep the people wearing out the dance floor till the party winds down, hopefully, early Sunday morning.

By K.Satyamurty

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