Not easy to be a VC

WHAT IS it to be a Vice-Chancellor?

It takes a wide spectrum of qualities to be one, according to S.V. Chittibabu, former Vice-Chairman of the Tamil Nadu State Council for Higher Education and former Vice-Chancellor of the Madurai Kamaraj University.

He was driving home the problems and difficulties of a Vice-Chancellor, at the valedictory function of the south zone Vice-Chancellors' Conference held at the Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul on Tuesday.

Recalling his recent informal chat with his friend in the US, said a Vice-Chancellor needed stamina of a Greek sportsman, techniques of a gymnast in Norway, wisdom of Solomon and shrewdness of a Machiavellian.

``You need all these qualities to hold the post and work for bringing about reforms in higher education''.

At the outset, the octogenarian said a person at the age of 20 was like peacock, at 30 like lion, at 40 like camel, at 50 like serpent, at 60 like monkey, and at 70 like dog and at 80 he was nothing. Now, I am 80 years old'', he said, leaving the audience to infer.

Responding to his remarks, the Gandhigram Rural Institute Vice-Chancellor, G. Pankajam, replied that lion roars even at the age of 80.

The former VC was no exception, she said tactfully.

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