No song, no fight

CAN ANYONE do a horror film without showing blood and gory scenes and white-sari-clad women parading in the night? Lakshmi Shanthi Movies' `Shock' does not have any of these. It has no songs or fights.

Prasanth has acted as a married man. Vasanth (Prasanth) and his wife Malini (Meena) move into their flat on the 12th floor of an apartment complex. Malini feels that there is a ghost in the flat. She even sights the ghost a few times.

Frightened out of her wits, she tells her husband but Vasanth believes that his wife may be hallucinating and reassures her that there is nothing. One day Vasanth comes home from work and sees his wife possessed. Malini has a complete change of personality and her behaviour becomes violent. How he finally destroys the ghost is the remaining part of the story.

Suhashini acts as a mediator who tries to cure Malini and K.R. Vijaya acts a woman who has lost her daughter because of the ghost. Kalai Rani has been cast as a maidservant. Cameraman M.V. Pannerselvam has introduced new camera techniques for taking the ghost sequences in 1818-dual image Negative way.

It is the Tamil version of the popular Ram Gopal Verma's `Bhoot.' Prasanth's father Thyagarajan has taken care of the screenplay, dialogue, costumes, and art. He has also produced the film and directed it. He also plays an important role in the film. The background score is by Salim Sulaiman and the music tracks are recorded in London. Director Thyagarajan says that this is the first Tamil horror movie in a long time. `Shock' is a different type of horror movie, says the director who was impressed by `Bhoot.' His word of caution: Do not see the film alone at night!

By Ashok Kumar S R