Ninth time lucky

A fortune in numbers.

A fortune in numbers.  

GUESS THE value of these six set of numbers: 04, 16, 21, 23, 44 and 18. They were worth a neat pre-tax super jackpot prize of Rs.8.61 crores for one lucky person.

In the era of the crorepati winners, this is the latest. The 35-year Bimal Kumar Gajmer came to know of his fortune on Thursday. He belongs to the second generation of fortune seekers in the country, who don't wait for the Big B to extend three lifelines and lock the computer to unlock tonnes of money.

Instead, they just walk into any of the online lottery parlours and select combinations of six numbers of their choice, for a price.

And, this is what Mr.Gajmer did, before Lady Luck smiled on him in his ninth attempt with Playwin Sikkim Super Lotto, the country's first online lottery.

Clad in black jeans and a collarless white T-shirt, a calm and composed Mr.Gajmer, accompanied by his parents, said at a press conference in Chennai: ``I am very happy and yet undecided on what to do with the money.'' His plans, however, range from contributing a part of it for charity and expanding his hotel in Gangtok. According to Sanjay Yashroy, Vice-President (Marketing) of Playwin Infravest, ``he will get a post-tax Rs.7.75 crore of the jackpot in a lumpsum within 30 days''. Since its launch in the first week of March, Playwin, he adds, had sold tickets worth Rs.55 crores and the reason for bringing Mr. Gajmer was that Tamil Nadu was ``a very important market''.

Mr. Gajmer, a bachelor, who was described by the Playwin executives as a `disciplined player', explains, ``I have been purchasing the online tickets for Rs.20 every week.'' Refusing to comment on whether lottery was ``good or bad'', he said in reply to questions that he did not ask for security after hitting the jackpot.

Jubiliant at his son becoming a crorepati, his father, a retired Sikkim Government official, says, ``He was always lucky, who wanted to be different.''

For Mr. Gajmer's mother, the main concern is to get both her sons (the youngest is doing a course in Mass Communication at Pune), married off at the same time.

By N. Ravi Kumar

Photo: S.R. Raghunathan

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