New role

Ashok M.Dalwai inaugurating a khadi boutique.

Ashok M.Dalwai inaugurating a khadi boutique.  

IT WAS good to see the former BMP Commissioner, Ashok Dalwai, back in the limelight after he was shifted to become Secretary to the Government, Department of Commerce and Industries.

In his new role also as the Chief Executive Officer of Khadi and Village Industries Board, Mr. Dalwai was seen proudly cutting the ribbon to launch the first exclusive showroom in the City for khadi fabrics and garments.

The first Khadi Boutique has enough to attract the most fashion-conscious among Bangaloreans.

We hear that khadi was also represented in the recent Fashion Week in Paris and Tencel Khadi, the wrinkle-free fabric, attracted many international designers.

A pleasant change to find that khadi does not have to be confined to politicians of a certain variety.

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