NCC girl cadet heads for Russia

IT WAS a dream come true for P. Guhapriya, a third year B.Com student from the GRG PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, when her name was announced by the Directorate General of NCC in the list of cadets chosen for visiting Russia under the Youth Exchange Programme (YEP).

"Right from my school days, I wanted to visit Russia for the simple reason that Moscow had never fallen despite having actively participated in two World Wars," says Guhapriya. She is getting ready for the 10-day orientation in New Delhi, which would begin in August.

She says that her father, V. Prabhakaran, her mother S.N. Mala are responsible for the success.

She also thanked the Group Commander, NCC Group Headquarters, Coimbatore, Col. P.P. Oka, Training Officer, Lt. Col. S. Muralidharan and Administrative Officer, Lt. Col. Jeya Mohan Kandasamy for the support extended during the rigorous training for the 2004 Republic Day Parade.

Besides the Parade, it was the performance in the written test and in the interview by the Director General of NCC that got her the opportunity.

The delegation from India would have eight cadets of which two are from Tamil Nadu. The other cadet from the State is Ajay Thomas from Chennai. They would leave the country in September for a 12-day stay in Russia.

By V.S.P.

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