Musings for the yearend

``OH NO, not another one,'' you may exclaim. But this IS about all those less noticed and never-written-about-in-the-media kind of people, places, and happenings in our City. As one witty writer titled his autobiography long ago, Reminisences, Wise and Otherwise. The strap-hanging and footboard-travelling bus commuter of Bangalore, a brave soul and stoic by all accounts, got a better deal this year from the BMTC. More buses on more routes and some better vehicles too. Plus innovations such as ticket vending machines and late-night and early-morning bus services. Way to go, BMTC and keep it up!

Drivers of vehicles from two-wheelers to cars from Maruti to Mercedes got a better deal too. Some of the roads got repaired, many potholes disappeared for the season, and new flyovers were opened, while others are due to be opened in a few weeks. The traffic police got tougher and lane and red-light jumpers became a bit more disciplined. Strong action is promised against drunken driving too but, we are told, only after New Year's Eve. The City police solved some major cases, caught some criminals (though the Dubai police did the errand for them in one instance) and managed to nab a few terrorists too. Communal clashes were nipped in the bud, and if some murders remain unsolved, it is only because the police have a soft corner for the media. They must have something to write and gripe about. And as for the average Bangalorean, he came out smiling through it all, though a bit strained. Kidnapping, murder, political wrangling, and Lokayukta raids later, the citizen is still going strong and making sure those in authority know it. He/she will still be around when another New Year comes around, though many an instant celebrity may be forgotten.

By Satyamurty K.