Music is in the air

DIALER TONES, introduced by some cellular service companies, have become the latest fad in town. This means that one can set a favourite piece of music as ring back tone for callers. The callers will get to hear the set piece of music instead of the usual ringing tone.

One has the latest hits from Bollywood, Malayalam film songs, pop or piped music to choose from. The song `Karale...' from the latest hit `Udayananu Tharam' seems to be pretty popular if one goes by trends.

One can even customise dialer tones for individual callers. So, one can set different songs as ring back tones for one's spouse, friends or general calls.

Media reports say that worldwide, dialer tones are very popular and one of the most-accessed of all the value-added services of cellular companies

People are now poring over long lists provided by cellular firms to pick and choose songs they want the callers to hear. The way many see it, the dialer tone can convey whether the caller is welcome or not.

By C. Maya

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