Monk power

They are meditative and quiet, but spring like cats, wield swords and spears with aggression, lie on beds of nails and perform some mind-boggling feats. Their extraordinary fighting techniques and acrobatics were a feast to Hyderabadis, who seldom see such a display of deadly mix of science, power and concentration.

Monk power

The Shaolin Monks, who performed at the Shilpakala Vedika, brought the Sunday crowd literally on their feet with their elite self-defence techniques and got all the appreciation they needed. The hall reverberated with applause, as two little kids of the group emerged every time on the ramp. Elasticity, perhaps the body was full of it, as they leaped in air at will making the hearts skip a beat. The raw energy the monks demonstrated amused everyone. They showcased their ability to sustain extreme physical discomfort and pain in highly focussed state of mind, as rock slates were made into small pieces when slammed onto a monk's body. Another one broke a lethal steel rod hitting it with his bare head.

They were in a hurry, literally, as they performed since they had to catch a flight back home. But it was hard for the gathering to take the pace of the monks as one after another enthralled the invited crowd with their acrobatics using different precarious swords, sticks and rods. "It's awesome," screamed a lady watching the show. When she said that, there were many who concurred. It was indeed a fascinating show.

By Ravikanth Reddy R

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