MJ drama!

Michael Jackson and outdated?!!! It was unthinkable just a few years ago. For, wasn't he the same guy whose popularity through music, songs and yes, dances permeated across the barriers in the world and made him such a phenomenon?

His albums invariably sold in millions though his ardent fans too admit that he couldn't surpass the very first "Thriller'' either in music or conception.

But, his recent albums haven't generated as much buzz as MJ's release would normally do. His bizarre lifestyle was, in fact, attracting more attention (remember dangling his baby over a high-rise balcony?) as the youngsters of the day shifted their ear to other musicians.

Documentary filmmaker, Martin Bashir, who came into the limelight with his film on Princess Diana, has managed to get into the secretive life of Jackson, spending close to eight months being a part of his entourage, and got him speaking about himself and his family.

The film "Living with Michael Jackson' had the pop superstar talking about his "sleeping'' with children, shopping sprees, supposed surgeries on his face and so on. It got people in the United Kingdom and the United States glued to the television when it was aired, but had Jackson himself seething with rage.

He felt "betrayed'' over the slant of the film and even filed complaints with two television watchdog organisations. Find out what made the great `MJ' so upset when Star World telecasts the real life docu-drama on April 1 (Tuesday) at 5.30 p.m. and repeat at 9 p.m.

By Geetanath V.

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