Mission Vision

THERE ARE approximately 13 million visually challenged people in the country. However, the irony is that despite sufficient infrastructure, 80 per cent of them suffer from conditions that are either preventable or curable.

To help avoid such plights in the future, the Sankara Eye Centre, for its part, decided to reach out to the next generation by inculcating in them clean and healthy habits through an interactive expo conducted at the hospital premises recently.

The centre provided an insight into various eye diseases and the advancement in technology. About 425 students from two schools and three colleges benefited.

Simulations were used to explain the functioning of the eye and the visual field testing. The students were also briefed on cataract, optical illusions, visual field analysis and colour vision testing. The youngsters pledged their eyes with the Sankara Eye Bank and resolved to join in the hospital's `Mission for Vision'.

Dr. Mohana Kumar from the Washington University School of Medicine addressed the doctors of Sankara and other hospitals from Coimbatore on Transplantation Techniques. A few auto-drivers were also screened.

By Rayan Rozario