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THERE'S BEEN a phenomenon happening over the last few days. More than 2,500 Indians have declared that they can beat the best in the world. One says he can do more push ups than anyone else. Another wants to prove he can go a mile just by tumbling along. Someone else can pierce his body with more rods and needles than you can and another says he has the fastest recall of all country names. Not exactly what AXN's looking for. But something like the fastest recall of countries ``will be fun and a little irrelevant,'' says Rohit Bhandari, assistant vice-president (marketing), AXN. The channel has introduced a `Be a Guinness World Record Holder' contest, exclusive for Indians.

AXN is probably looking out for the kind of grit that would make contestants offer to walk the tightrope over a few kilometres, without protection, or take a dive from the Himalayas. Record beating attempts that line in with the channel's spirit of adventure. Till that happens, they probably will have to settle for body piercing. Surely, it can't get more exciting than that. Especially if it's your body that's being pierced.

There's enough adventure in India waiting to happen, says AXN. ``When there was a bungee jumping show in Bombay, thousands turned up.'' Just got to tap them up.

The channel's already in tune with India's frequency. Programmes like `Who Dares Wins', `Ripley's Believe It Or Not' and `Guinness Book of World Records' are a huge draw. What AXN has proposed now is only a logical marketing extension. If you are interested enough to watch the stuff, you probably want to do it too.

Not too much to expect from a country that boasts of about 20 world record holders. It you have a record to break, AXN will help you do it. Just enter the contest. The channel will film the attempt, and even have the Guinness folks here for verification. Some time soon, the channel might even have an Indianised version of `Who Dares Wins'. Reality shows... maybe not yet, but surely there's a lot more adventure coming in.

To be a Guinness World Record holder, logon to or send entries to AXN, P.O.Box: 12121, Azad Nagar Post Office, Veera Desai Road, Mumbai 400053 before June 5, with what you propose to do.

By Feroze Ahmed

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