Meeting spots

Sentimental spot.

Sentimental spot.  

Many know MADURAI well for its pilgrimage significance.

But there is a powerful class that looks upon Madurai's response as the determiner to the happenings elsewhere in the State. Guessed it right? It is the political class, of course.

Many a time, political parties refer to the crowd turnover at prominent meeting spots such as the junctions of North-West Masi and South-East Masi streets, as the political barometer for the whole State.

And the sentimental value is attached by the parties to these spots, which are deemed important despite the vehicular and population congestion in the narrow streets of the city's south, in the same vein as to Madurai itself. The premise behind adding so much significance to the city is for its virtual status as South Tamil Nadu's capital.

The shopkeepers in the vicinity of these two junctions have no reason to complain.

For, they are eager to see the floating population streaming in at the time of political meetings, since it leads to a surge in their business transactions. They know the art of cashing in on sentiments.

Naturally, their joy would soar at the time of elections. But for now, their joy is shortlived. The meetings in these two junctions have been banned.

By R. Krishnamoorthy Photo K. Ganesan

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