Meet the Toonstar

Ready to star with Scooby.

Ready to star with Scooby.  

THOUGH CRIME fighters in tights and vigilantes with degrees in kick boxing make great heroes, for some reason most of the Cartoon Network's gap toothed, lisping, three-foot-high fans prefer a hero who runs when he should fight and howls when he should bite.

And now Scooby Dooby Doo, the goofy, lily livered dog who shivers through adventures involving shrieking ghosts, has decided to enlist his Indian fans in his quavering war against the wicked supernatural world.

The Kwality Wall's `Bano Toonstar with Scooby Doo and Max' promotion was kicked off in March and will be turning 12 kids into toonstars by August. The kids have to eat three ice creams to be eligible for a scratch card that just might catapult them into Scooby's furry paws.

Nine-year-old V. Srinath, the first winner of the contest from Chennai, sits at the Qwality Walls Office conference room beaming at his partner in crime, Max, who will be co-starring with the kids in the upcoming ice-cream-eater-meets-Scooby escapades.

Max, the Quality Wall's mascot, is a strapping lion who is cheerfully pulling Srinath's ears while his six-year-old brother, Ramnath eyes them with amusement. Then he suddenly leans forward and whispers "that Max is MAN," pointing at the figure which is now nonchalantly fiddling with its whiskers as Srinath's cousin, Satya Narayana eyes it suspiciously.

The three boys then dive into a fridge crammed with ice cream to fortify themselves before they discuss Scooby. "Scooby Dooby Doo's show's scary. If I had to act with him, even I'd run away from the ghosts," says sympathiser Ramnath as his cousin scoffs and says "Scooby's so funny. I would have helped him solve the mysteries."

Though all three boys tried to become toonstars, only Srinath succeeded.

"I ate lots of ice creams and tried four times before I got the `toonstar' card he says grinning. Satya leans forward at this point and whispers "He said he'll take me instead of his mother to Bombay so I can help him and Scooby."

(The winners head to Mumbai in June to shoot the series). Meanwhile Ramnath, who's covered in ice cream from his nose to his chin by now gives a big gap-toothed grin yells "Scrappy Dappy Doooo" as his brother smiles and shakes hands with Max, probably preparing himself for the serious ghost busting ahead.

By Shonali Muthalaly

Photo: R. Ragu

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