Managing the show

From far and wide, dignitaries and delegates are trooping in and out of the venue of World Ayurveda Congress. How the whole lot are being managed by the organisers is a wonder in itself. The office of the Ayurveda Congress is a madhouse of activity.

In the bustle, it is quite natural to have a few `misses' too. A Minister from Punjab was probably not too happy about the manner in which he was received or not received at the airport with proper protocol. The State Government machinery was probably caught napping while going about following the protocol.

The office-bearers of the Ayurveda Congress were seen going about pacifying the Minister and his team who had come to participate in the congress. Many delegates were also waiting in the large seminar hall awaiting instructions about the arrangements.

Slated to start on November 1, the grand seminar hall is being prepared with a mix of tradition and modernity. For the city-based ITFC, the contractors for setting up the facilities at the venue, the congress is one of their biggest events.

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