Making tours Eazy

It promises to be an all-in-one tour planner that is cut for solving the hassles involved in holidaying. The CD-Rom, "Eazy Tour'', offers all essential travel details like places of interest, tourist spots, trekking paths, fairs, festivals and road, rail and air routes at the touch of a few keys.

``It is a real time-saver for tourists, travel agents, tour operators, corporate executives and others associated with the tourism sector as the CD-Rom furnishes tourism and travel information within the country from `A to Z' within seconds'', says I. Imthias Mohamed, the brain behind the innovative CD-Rom.

Conceived, designed and developed in-house by the city-based INFOCOM Technologies, "Eazy Tour'' is basically a digital map kit equipped with a query-based digital guide map with 1,100 India maps and to the capacity to search 100,000 items on these maps.

All details of the 28 States and seven Union Territories, 578 districts of the country, 400 cities and towns, 32,87,263 sq. k.m. of area, 24,01, 840 k.m. of road length, 57,704 k.m. of National Highway and 65,000 k.m. of rail route are covered. The schematic map system is claimed to help the tourist to reach even the most remote destinations in the country and enjoy the place without the help of a local guide. Once the place of interest is selected, the details such as altitude, nearest airport, port and railway station, famous places and places of interest are displayed.

Making tours Eazy

One can zoom in at the street level to see the siting of the 4,261 hotels in 478 cities and 2,048 restaurants in 129 cities. As many 2,040 tourist destinations, 13 trekking paths, 531 events, fairs and festivals, 411 wildlife sanctuaries, 133 tourist circuits and 5,000 "what to see items'' wait to be discovered with the help of the CD-Rom.

Apart from the administrative, road, air, tourist, travel and State maps, 578 district maps and 400 cities and towns can also be viewed on-screen. One can search and locate places, hotels, tourist spots, National Highway routes, trains by name or number as well as their originating and passing stations. Another advantage is that the distance between any two locations by road, rail and air between any two locations can be calculated in a jiffy.

``The data is furnished through the interactive geographical information system in query mode along with sketch match and voice support,'' beams Imthiaz.

By S. Anil Radhakrishnan

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