Making board exams easy

LEARNING DOES not stop with just listening at school. What should follow are reading, for comprehension and writing, for enhancing memory.

Unfortunately most students have the habit of procrastinating writing to days before exams and fail to understand that constant revision helps improve memory. Hence to some, exams are synonymous with horror.

But they need not be thus anymore. Play-way method of learning has not only set its trend at the Montessori level, but is also amazingly helpful in the SSLC level, Shriram Centre for Learning and Lohana's Institute of Fine Research and Education, claim.

Conducted jointly by them, the Shriram test series aims at sharpening the exam-writing skills of students. The series complements the efforts taken by the school and teachers in improving the performance of the students.

A scientific and effective system of weekly tests for the Xth standard students (Matriculation-English Medium) will be conducted on all Sundays from August 2003 to February 2004.

"The students are not taxed in anyway. Each subject is divided into parts and they are asked to devote two hours everyday. The unit tests conducted every week bind the students to write regularly.

The main purpose of the series is to get the students used to the habit of writing and not just scoring marks", founder director, Lohana's Institute of Fine Research and Education, Aaditya Lohana, said. Corrected papers are returned with the model answer sheet. The students will appear for a preliminary examination during January and February.

This helps the students to enhance their presentation skills and teaches them time management. The test papers are set and corrected by board examiners. Regular lectures and contact classes will also be conducted.

By Vidyashree Amaresh

in Coimbatore