London today, Laos tomorrow

The netas are on a junket spree. At the cost of the public exchequer, of course! Shed the khaddar at the drop of a hat, slip into snazzy suits and put on flashy hats, have a clique of English speaking bureaucrats to show you the way and strike your deals in the `phoren' junket. Life is one jolly foreign outing after the other for netas, babus and cronies. London today, Paris tomorrow, the whole world is their travel case.

Welcome to the junket capital of India where netas and bureaucrats fly across the globe as if it is a morning stroll in the backyard, or the even more common walkouts the former stage in the Assembly! Suggest funny ways to bring the globe-trotting netas and babus back to terra firma and mail them to

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London today, Laos tomorrow
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