Listing them all

A PRESS statement on the KPCC(I)'s observance of the 133rd Gandhi Jayanthi at the party headquarters, Indira Bhavan, carried an impressive list of names of party functionaries-27 in all.

The list left no one in doubt as to which group has the most number of `Gandhi followers' in the State party at present.

Led by the KPCC(I) president, K. Muraleedharan, and his father and senior leader, K. Karunakaran, the names of almost all the `(I)' groupies figured in the list.

The `A' group has very few adherents of Gandhism, going by the list. It did not help that its leader, Chief Minister, A. K. Antony, has a reputation as being one of the few Gandhians left in the party.

The remaining two groups, one led by Karthikeyan and the other by Vayalar Ravi, apparently have no love lost for the Father of the Nation. Not one of their members was listed as having observed Gandhi Jayanthi.

The function as such was dismissed in just one line of the press release. It merely noted that the anniversary was observed throughout the State with `various programmes' and that Mr. Muraleedharan led the proceedings at the Indira Bhavan.

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