Light music, profound impact

IT WAS literally an evening of musical feast. It not only stood out for the sublime beauty of the verse but also for the soothing and haunting melodies based on traditional ragas.

In these days of film music ruling the market, one would have thought there would be no takers for light music. And how wrong that presumption turned out to be! The lovers of good music not only turned in huge numbers but thoroughly enjoyed it, cheering the singers.

The `Parampara' light music programme presented by the Little Musicians Academy had another heart-warming feature. It gave a rare opportunity for three generations of musicians, who learnt music in the tradition of `guru-shishya parampara,' to sing together. About 100 children right from tiny-tots to teenagers rendered delightful songs.

The three generations comprised P.V. Saibaba, noted light music director and teacher, his disciples and Ramachari's young disciples. Many an established light music singer who are with AIR and presented programmes on Doordarshan such as K.S.R. Murthy, Gangadhar Shastry, K. Ramachari, Chandra Teja, Lakshmana Murthy, Surekha Murthi, M. Vijayalakshmi, and T.V. Jayalakshmi were there.

Recollecting the rigorous practice they had put in those days to master the nuances of a raga under their `Guru' Saibaba, they shared with the audience the pleasure they had experienced, singing those lyrics -- with rich literary value as well as subtle expression of emotions-- penned by litterateurs and poets.

The Academy honorary president, G.V. Subramanyam, recalled that the tradition of guru-shishya parampara, where the disciples stayed with guru and learnt the art classical dance and music, had its own advantage of keeping the tradition alive. Fortunately the trend is established in light music, too, by Saibaba and his disciple, Ramachari.

Some of the tunes composed by Saibaba and presented by his disciples proved that good music and lyrics lasts forever. More good news for light music lovers. The Doordarshan is going to present a programme of light music with renowned singers soon. No doubt it will be a resounding success, given the response the light music programme evoked at Tyagaraya Gana Sabha on Friday.

By Melly Maitreyi M L

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