Let us give culture a chance

NEWSPERSONS ARE engulfed in the ups and downs of the foreign exchange reserves, and the politics of India and Pakistan, and the U.S, and Iraq.

Tough times, these. No reason to smile, really. Terrorist attacks remind you of the dangers ahead, and arms recoveries just round the corner shock you because of the City's proximity to a horror called terror.

Before you decide that there is not hope, pause and look around.

Marvel at those wonderful cultural ambassadors, ordinary people with extraordinary vision.

They are not dancing, singing, and painting just for the sake of it.

They are doing it for us, the doomsayers. Give them a chance, and celebrate culture.

Thank god for good old culture.

A million thanks to music, art, and all that which make people forget their worries for a while. Three cheers to the likes of Vasundhara Doreswamy, Bharathanatyam exponent, preparing for a performance at the UN auditorium.

Her solo will be part of the "Show Piece of India'' programme, scheduled for November 14, in the presence of the Chairs, UNESCO.

A highly talented danseuse, versatile choreographer, and venerated guru of Bharatanatyam, Dr. Doreswamy hails from Mysore.

She is a torchbearer of the Pandanallur School.

She is also the founding director of the Mysore-based Vasundhara Performing Arts Centre.

Culture is also about visitors from foreign countries.

Like the Realising Rama, a contemporary dance theatre group in town under the aegis of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

The theatre is based on the Ramayana and the players are all from the ASEAN countries.

The production itself, staged at the Grand Ashok Hall, was a statement of South East Asian nations' unity of purpose and of course, culture.

Forget the economics of the Elton John show. Raise a toast for the artiste, and the thousands who turned up.

Rock freaks landed in Bangalore from Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, and so on.

Breaking the stereotype of a punkish pianist, he dressed like an Indian and talked like one.

It seems the cultural rainbow over Bangalore had completed a full circle.

By Rasheed Kappan

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