Lessons in energy conservation

THE NEXT generation may have a big role to play in the conservation of energy resources. The Union Ministry of Environment and Forests is convinced that school students can contribute a lot in programmes on conservation of energy available in the country. An action plan to save electricity has now been included in the green action guide initiated as part of the National Green Corps project.

The greens recommend that eco-clubs in schools in Ernakulam district can take up such projects for implementation. "Students can learn about the use of electricity for various purposes through the project. They will also realise the importance of conserving energy by getting involved in the programme," says environmentalist S. Sitaraman.

According to the green action guide, a resource person on production uses and conservation of electricity can introduce students to the topic through a lecture. A field trip could be arranged to a nearby power sub-station. Efforts should be made to familiarise students with an electricity Bill. They should also know the kind of information found in the bill.

Students can conduct a survey to find out where and through which appliances electricity was used in the school. Members of the eco-clubs can calculate the units consumed through the data collected during the survey. A comparative study of the electricity bill of the school during a year would also be conducted as part of the project. Prof. Sitaraman says that students can also participate in home and neighbourhood surveys during holidays. The green guide has also listed tips that students could implement in their daily lives, he adds.

The guide says that students can form groups to patrol the campus at intervals to find out if there are any appliances left on in unoccupied rooms. The energy brigade can keep a record of the electricity bills every month to determine whether the bill has come down after the awareness campaign. The students can also display eye-catching posters on tips for conserving electricity. They can put a note asking the persons using electrical appliances to switch it off after use.

By G. Krishnakumar

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