Leaving a lasting impression

Extolling Mother's virtues.  

AT A time when life is on the `fast track', there is virtually no time for introspection. Have the values in life gone with the wind then?

Not necessarily. Once in a way, brainstorming sessions straighten the direction of thinking, reminding people of the value systems which had been in vogue, and is still being practised in a large measure in the country known for its glorious heritage. In such a situation, spiritual rejuvenation takes place.

It, indeed, took place at Kochadai, a village near the city. Courtesy: Sri Ramakrishna Matt. Hundreds of villagers got an insight into spiritual upheaval, listening to students of the Vivekananda Matriculation School, which had Kochadai as its fifth and final village for spreading the message of Holy Mother Sarada Devi. The play, focussing on materialism versus spiritualism, made the onlookers see the reason why spiritualism prevailed in all circumstances and how materialism was just a passing fa�ade.

For a couple of hours, the villagers kept their eyes glued to a modest stage, put up by the Sri Ramakrishna Matt, to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Sarada Devi. On the stage were pious-faced students, teaching the onlookers what dedication and reverence should mean to mortals. Presenting the Mother as a deity, during the course of a play, they left a lasting impression on the minds of the audience.

The natural match between costumes and expression did not go unnoticed. For once, elders did not mind taking a leaf out of the kids' books, to be composed and honest. Be it sequence or presentation, they left nothing to chance. The words they spoke came out of their hearts.

The villagers were informed of the Tamil Nadu-Pondicherry `Ratotsavam' of the Holy Mother. The `Ratham', with the Mother's image, which started today in Chennai, will traverse the length and breadth of the State to a distance of 3,500 km. All along the route, public functions, conveying the Mother's life and message through talks, dramas, competitions and video shows, will be held.

As per the itinerary, the `Ratham' will reach Madurai on November 23, and resume its journey the following day.

From Krishnamoorthy R

Photo: S. James