Know the right etiquette

TODAY, TABLE manners and dress code matter a lot. If you are an entrepreneur you might end up losing a good business deal, not due to lack of acumen or negotiating skills, but for the simple reason that you did not follow the etiquette required for the occasion.

Though this may sound insignificant, table etiquette, party behaviour and dress code are no less important, for business agreements come through during dinner meetings and luncheons these days. The difference between success and failure during these meetings could well hinge on the impression you create in the mind of prospective business partners and clients.

In the changed business environment, organisations need to orient their staff on etiquette and related personal/social skills. Here's an opportunity to know the right etiquette and protocol for different occasions.

Chitra S. Danger, the founder-director of ProET Centre for International Protocol and Etiquette will conduct a training programme on this subject in Coimbatore on February 27. The programme, organised by ADWISE Advertising, has theory, audio-visual presentations and practical social skills training.

The modules will dwell on the dress code, personal grooming, social and business etiquette, liqueurs, wines, liquors and cocktail - do's and don'ts and simulated cocktail party with stress on party behaviour.

By Allirajan M.