Kiran's new home

WHERE CAN you find actress Kiran? She does not stay in Chennai, she just checks into a hotel every time there is a shoot here. But that is all history now.

On Monday, the portal turned three years old with a subscriber base of 1.5 lakh members. "We have about 200 people registering as members everyday with authenticated e-mail IDs, so we are happy," says Girish of

Kiran says that soon she will be adding a lot of information on her likes, dislikes and the latest updates on her films on her site. Since she had no permanent address in Chennai, she did miss all that fan mail.

She had to rely on response from theatres for feedback on her performances because there was no other way fans could contact her. Kiran who shuttles between her home in Jaipur and Mumbai visits Chennai only when she shoots. "Nobody here knows where I live." But now they do.

And every time she comes to Chennai, she religiously makes it a point to visit the temples. "I'm a very religious person. I like to visit the temples here. The people here are down to earth," says Kiran. If not for the temples and spiritual solace, it's just work, work and work.

"I've been lucky to start off with AVM and then do films with Ajit and Kamalji. But I am open to doing any kind of roles. I'm doing `Winner' with Prashanth, `Parasuram' with Arjun and `Maha' with Ajit. I got some good films in Tamil and offers from Telugu too. So I want to concentrate here," she says, adding that she's not keen to move to Bollywood.

Has she picked up Tamil yet? Well, a little, she says. Kiran is very much the girl she was in `Gemini'. And she loves the movie. "I really enjoyed working on `Gemini' actually," says Kiran, adding that the making of the movie was one of the most memorable experiences of her life because it was the movie that made her the star.

Her best performance? That would be `Anbe Sivam' you would guess. And you would guess right. "I was quite nervous working with Kamalji. But he made me comfortable and it was okay after that."

Post `Anbe Sivam', she has been flooded with offers that she's basically stifled for dates in the next six months. "I love to work. I don't mind working 20 hours a day. I can holiday for 2-3 days only. After that I get bored, I have to work," says the indoor person who loves to watch old Hindi and Tamil films when she's not working.

Does she miss the solidity of roles and characters that actresses enjoyed once upon a time? "Well, it's a male dominated industry. It won't change. And you cannot change it," she signs off the Capricornian.

By Sudhish Kamath

Photo: S. Thanthoni

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