Kids enter animation world

That creativity is no slave to age is a time tested adage. Even more so in the Toon world where you can walk on the clouds and fall only if you look down, where a bomb just manages to give you a black eye and the adorable cat sulks when his pet mouse takes a break from tormenting him.

Into this innocent world of the greatest super-heroes and the inveterate losers, of Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry who ensured lasting fame for their creators, Cartoon Network introduces six animation shorts produced and based on stories submitted by kids ranging from 9 to 14 years in age.

A Children's Day special to be telecast on November 14, as a tribute to their imagination, the shorts are based on winning animated entries from all over India submitted by kids at the Annual Children's Animation Workshop organised by the Toonz Animation Studio.

As part of the workshop, the winners got the opportunity to work with Toonz animators who offered valuable advice in choosing characters, style of animation, background of their own films and colouring the models for the final inking and painting. It also included lessons in fine-tuning their story boards, scripts and characters. The children also underwent a basic training course in animation and attended lectures to hone their skills.

Innovatively titled 123 Math Toon, Fussy Prince, Penguins in the Zoo, Cute Bunny and Rhythm of Nature, the films took over six months to complete and have been produced incorporating various animation styles like flash animation, claymation and the traditional 2D technique.

Most of them centre around simple themes like a fairy teaching a fussy prince to appreciate the smaller things in life which he took for granted or an arrogant tree that learns the lesson of friendship the hard way, written by Abhijeet Thomas Kurien and Arun V respectively.

With each film about three minutes in duration, the shorts will be telecast on Cartoon Network on November 14 for the entire day. Interestingly some of the children have also dubbed their voices for the films. Part of the transformation will be in the credit lines which featured greats like Walt Disney and Hanna Barbera in the past, but for a few precious seconds on one day of the year will read Akhilesh Anand or Manasa Rao presents "Cute Bunny''.

By Our Staff Reporter

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