Keeping the party going

Moving to the fast beat

Moving to the fast beat  

YOUNGSTERS WHO follow modern trends never miss an opportunity to get onto the dance floor. Not that there are many places where there's a chance to relax and boogey late into the night, in the city these days.

There's a police-enforced curfew of sorts, which causes shops and businesses to hastily pull down their shutters and switch off their lights at the stroke of 11 p.m.

Anyone who defies the rule is certain to fall foul of the police, who go around in jeeps to enforce the ``lights out'' time for residents.

It may be the end of night life in the city, but the entire exercise is supposed to make it easier for the uniformed force to apprehend all those bad hats, mischief makers and lock-breakers, who might dare to prowl around the neighbourhood.

People have become resigned to the situation, much like youngsters in college hostels have learnt to cope with the warden making night rounds to check that lights are switched off and that everyone is in bed and getting a good night's sleep.

Dance parties are few and far between, but the ones that do get organised, invariably attract a good crowd late in the evening.

There's a rush to make the most of the evening, before its time to head home.

For the youngsters who thronged the place, the main attraction was the presence of two top disc jockeys from Hyderabad: Shweth and Piyush.

``We did the show to create awareness among the youth who are potential shoppers and frequent internet users,'' say the organisers.

Shoppers who register with the portal are to get a unique identification number. When the shoppers visit outlets registered with the portal, they become eligible for special offers and a chance to win prizes.

For those who turned up at the launch, it was a chance to listen to some great tunes belted out by the two DJ's. Though the show took its time to get going, party-goers drifted in mostly in ones and twos, or in small groups.

After the initial reluctance about who was to get onto the floor first, there was quite a good gathering dancing spontaneously and enjoying themselves throughout the evening.

If the quality of dancing at such occasions seems to be steadily improving, it's possibly the influence of films and videos, to say nothing of CD's and DVD's that centre around dance.

Live shows by professional dance companies might be a rarity these days, but there is definitely a lot of interest in choreography, thanks to the influence of film songs and the popularity of group dances during the college cultural festival season every year.

``To sing well and to dance well, is to be well-educated,'' was Plato's opinion, but we're still a long way away from a situation in which schools and colleges, to say nothing of museums and libraries, give more than a passing thought to the contributions made by singers, actors and stage performers.

Like modern art and electronic music, modern dance seems to have broken away from the traditional forms and tried to strike a balance between the classical forms, and show dancing.

By Michael Raj A. A.

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