Kababs with aroma to elevate the mood

At the Kabab Caravan food festival at the Le Meridien.

At the Kabab Caravan food festival at the Le Meridien.  

A CHOICE of scores of kababs, authentic in their grilled spicy vest, a hostess who specialises in aromatherapy and suggests fragrances ranging from sandal to lavender to elevate your mood while dining, tables set by the poolside on an open terrace, Ghazals playing in the background, and lanterns for lighting. That is the Kabab Caravan food festival now on at Le Meridien on Sankey Road. As you savour the cool atmosphere — decidedly cooler than the summer evening lingering outside — the aroma you've chosen plus the smells from the grill help you build up an appetite. In case you need it, there's a large mug of draught beer, courtesy Kingfisher.

The first three courses are entirely from a selection of delectable kababs, including the sheekh, the paneer, lamb, poultry and fish and some vegetarian varieties too. All grilled to perfection and with their own blend of spices. To add relish, you are served a choice of four chutneys, ranging from peanut and garlic to mint with a dash of green chillies and, small tumblers of jal-jeera to help you wash down each piece of the kababs. Second helpings, if you like, or yet another variety can be had. The kabab list seems to be almost endless and limited only by the chef's own innovativeness.

Once you are satiated with the endless rounds of kababs, they suggest another course, this time, a selection of rotis, dhals and biryanis with raithas to cool down the palate after all those spicy dishes. Another round of kababs to round off the meal, if you still have room for more. Or better still keep that space for the selection of desserts and ice cream.

Le Meridien's affable PR Manager, Renee Chowdhury, takes pains to explain that the Kabab Caravan's menu was designed after a lot of culinary research and experiments. Not only the recipes for the perfect kababs but also to plan how aromatherapy works well with the dining experience.

Ritu, the aromatherapist, says that the six aromas listed jell well with food. The list includes lavender which harmonises the body and mind; peppermint with a cooling effect; patchouli which soothes anxiety and promotes rest and frankincense which has anti-stress properties. For table reservations call Ph: 2262233.

By K.Satyamurty

Photo: Sampath Kumar G.P.

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