Jai paathaala bhairavi...

There is no doubt that you had the best conquest of your career till now. However in the larger interests and safety of the people (more importantly the ministers) who accompany you in your vehicle, you need to see for ways to save them from sufferings.

How about procuring a BIG BED sheet that covers the VIPs car that will make the vehicle and all those people sitting inside invisible---like the one in the film PAATHALA BHAIRAVI wherein NTR's friend steals a similar `duppati' or `kambali' from the `dayyalu'. This will help eliminate all the attempts on the VIPs car even if it is a threat even from a deadly rocket launcher. (Otherwise, even the fastest Formula-1 racing car can be an easy target if it is visible to the naked eye.)

In the same movie you may have seen S.V.Ranga Rao looking through a telescope-like object through which he spots the people of his choice. If this telescope is handed over to our police department, then there will be no intelligence failure(unless they use it for some other purposes.)

If you can find such 'maaya vasthuvulu' and somehow get either both or one of these two things, then there is every reason to believe that the state's administration will be happy looking after the interests (of course of the state) even during the peak festival times.

Yeshwanth. A by email