"Jai Jai"

"Nala Damayanti"  

THE `HIT' machines _ the superhit directors are all back to work. After last year's biggest hit `Gemini', Saran is back _ this time with a light love story with Madhavan in the lead. The project titled `Jai Jai' will be Madhavan's last release this year after Raaj Kamal's `Nala Damayanti' directed by Mouli and AVM's`Priyamana Thozhi' directed by Vikraman. "No, it has nothing to do with politics.

It's a cool clean love story. No rowdies in this one," says Madhavan adding that he is putting on a little weight for playing a toughie for another project. That's not all, Madhavan is also starting to shoot for K.S. Ravikumar's and Mani Ratnam's films in the course of the year, apart from a film for GJ combines, directed by newcomer Santhosh. "All these would probably release only by beginning of next year," he adds.

And after this year's biggest hit (till date) `Dhool', Tharani is back too _ this time with yet another of his unique colloquial titles, starring Vijay. The film titled `Gilli', will be Vijay's release after `Thirumalai'. Is he joking about the title? "No, serious. `Gilli' means someone who is very clever and very smart. It's a term used in colleges," says Tharani. The film is said to be a Tamil adaptation of the Telugu superhit `Okkadu'.

What about old buddy Vikram then? "After `Gilli', I will do one more film with Vikram," adds Tharani. Vikram is back with his trusted `Sethu' director Bala, shooting for `Pitamahan'_ hoping for his superhit hat trick for the year.

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