It's Viva! night at 'Cotton's Carillon'

Viva! members Mohua, Anushka, and Neha at a press conference in Bangalore on Saturday. The fourth member of the band, Pratichi, who is in Mumbai, will join the band on Sunday.  

FASHION SHOWS, bellowing RJs and DJs, and live pop-bands. They might be all noise and not much skill, but they seem to be vital ingredients for any high-profile event, of late.

It appears that Bangalore's schools and colleges have taken a cue from the organisers of such events. First you had Adnan Sami, and now it's `Viva!', the all-girl pop band.

Anushka, Mohua, Neha, and Pratichi — the girls who make up the band — will perform at Bishop Cotton's Girls' School for the school carnival christened, "Cotton's Carillon", on January 26 at 7.30 p.m. The carnival began on Thursday.

"We are blessed and very fortunate," is what the girls have to say about their lives in the world of music. The foursome will come out with their second album in April. "In the first one, we worked with different composers. This time there will be more contribution from the band, and there will be more of our compositions," says Anushka, who is from Delhi, about the band's forthcoming album.

For those with a short memory, the girls were chosen through a much hyped all-India talent search by Channel [V] for its reality-show series called `Popstars'. They were trained and groomed by various experts, and Channel [V] came out with its first Viva! album sometime ago, in which the girls worked with Javed Akhtar and others. The album was launched with a big bang, and the band was promoted on the same lines as girl bands abroad. But they have not made such a blip on the music radar. But you never know, specially going by the innumerable shows the girls have been giving all over the country. The show is sponsored by Bishop Cotton Girls' School and is a fundraiser for some of the projects of the school, says Stella Samuel, Principal. Bishop Cottons is planning to build an indoor swimming pool for students and a resource centre, and funds are needed. The proceeds from the carnival and the Viva! show will go towards funding these projects. Bishop Cottons is the first school in South India to include rock climbing among their activities. A 23-foot wall erected for the purpose will be unveiled as part of the carnival, the Principal says.

"We will be singing six songs from our first album at the Bishop Cottons show," the Viva! girls say.

By Sahana Charan

Photo: K. Gopinathan