Is it worth in gold?

Glittering gold for the glitterati?

Glittering gold for the glitterati?  

THE METAL HAS charted the destiny of mankind. History has always been a witness to invasions and bloodshed over its possession. The lure of this metal was also the main reason for marauding pirates, to target cargo ships, who ruled the roost over the Atlantic in the 19th Century. We are referring to the yellow metal or better called as Gold.

From time immemorial, man has learnt to extract this precious metal from Mother Earth. From extracting gold powder from riverbeds, by using mercury, to the open-pit mining, man has come long way in refining and expediting the process of extraction.

The financial stability of a country can be judged by its gold reserves. Such is the financial status of some countries that when in need, it is this very metal that is pledged in lieu of loans from rich nations.

Those were also the days, when only gold coins were in vogue and the concept of using paper currency was yet to be visualised. Gold has also become a part of our social customs to such an extent that bedecking a bride with ornaments made of gold is considered a must by the bride's family. But man's inherent weakness for gold has degenerated into dowry demand from the bride.

However, what makes a 22-carat gold into a perfect piece, that will make any lady skip a heartbeat, is the skill of the goldsmith who carves an exquisite design out of the precious metal.

And hence its hardly surprising that a visit to a nearby jewellery shop will reveal women gazing at jewels and inspecting the glittering designs.

No doubt, the yellow metal doesn't come cheap. But then men with deep pockets have known to use gold as a show of love to their sweethearts.

Not all the ornaments you buy may seem to be pure gold. It may be 22-carat or a 24-carat gold or worse still you may end up buying ornaments made of bronze or copper with gold covering.

So remember the adage, `All that glitters is not gold! Often have you heard that told'.

And to clear that apprehension, jewellery showrooms are offering a guarantee to their ware by providing the "Cadmium seal".

Hence, next time you step into a shop, make sure what you intent to spend on is really `worth in gold'.

By Vidyashree Dharmaraj Photo: S. Siva Saravanan

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