Interiors that let you be at home

A view of the Enigma exhibition.

A view of the Enigma exhibition.  

YOUR HOME reflects your personality, and there is nobody who does not want great looking interiors. Gone are the days when people were satisfied with simple interiors, and basic, utilitarian furniture. Now everyone wants to outdo his neighbour, and great interiors have become a matter of prestige and status.

The "sophisticated look" is in demand. The combination of the conventional and contemporary is the "in thing" in every sphere of life, and it is no different when it comes to home decor. Interior designers and decorators have enough opportunity to give expression to their creativity, as designer furniture and furnishings have many takers.

This small industry seems to have grown under western influence. Television is also playing a major role. The furniture and the colours of interiors seen in TV serials are much sought after. However, those not under any particular influence look for colours that are soothing and designs that are enduring.

``Enigma'', the home of exquisite interiors, is holding an exhibition and sale at Java City, Lavelle Road, which will be on till Sunday. There is a wide variety of tables, vases, wind chimes, lamps, mirrors, and candle stands to choose from. There are also paintings and picture frames. The items have been collected from all over India.

By Afshan Yasmeen

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