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Members of Bandwith Oliviver Bernheim, CEO of Ramyond Weil.

Members of Bandwith Oliviver Bernheim, CEO of Ramyond Weil.  

THE HOUSE of Raymond Weil is among the five remaining family-owned watchmakers in Switzerland. It is also taking its upmarket range of watches with unique designs worldwide and looking seriously at the India market, says CEO, Olivier Bernheim, who was in Bangalore this weekend.

Raymond Weil has just announced its global sponsorship deal worth $ 10 million with the controversial, glamorous and yes, sexy, all-girl pop sensation Band. They are four sassy and spectacularly gifted young women who are leading the emergence of a new style of music. These classically trained musicians share a vision for the future of their art and have created a style that is both accessible and innovative. ``This also the hallmark of our watches,'' says Olivier.

``Band is a breath of fresh air — a classical quartet unconstrained by convention, genre or tradition. Their music epitomises the essence of our company. It is classical in heritage and contemperory in feel,'' he explains. Signed to the international record label Universal Decca, Band has sold over 1.2 million copies of its first album Born worldwide.

Raymond Weil identified Band as the perfect partner for its brand of watches. The company has a long and distinguished association with both classical music and the arts, supporting many musical projects and assisting talented young people throughout the world. The Band will now appear in all special promo events for the company. Raymond Weil has released the eagerly awaited Othello Collection. This was the culmination of two years of work and takes the company to the forefront of innovation and design. The concept for Othello was born in 1986 when Raymond Weil created a watch under the same name that embodied similar characteristics. It was then considered a milestone in watchmaking creativity and the latest collection is a tribute to the same spirit of invention and craftsmanship. The opulent and mysterious dark blue dial is offset by a midnight blue bezel border and encircled with an elegant thin casing, enhanced by two fine steel lines. This purity of design and contrast of colour, reflects the strength and individuality of the Othello range.``India is a serious market for Swiss watchmakers and the competition helps us innovate more, while retaining our own hallmark traditions of craftsmanship and care for details. We are also looking at the contemperory young Indian women, financially independent, and open to international trends in fashion and design and who want the latest in European styles while holding onto their own distinct identity,'' Olivier remarks. A sign of the times?

By K.Satyamurty

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