In love with music

Music is their soul.

Music is their soul.  

Music is no child's play, but a very serious avocation for a host of Plus Two students in the city who have written and composed 10 songs in different languages, discreetly blending elements of Eastern and Western music.

Unlike others of their age, they are not addicted to Western music, nor are they blindly aping any trend as a shortcut to fame. The composition of background scores and selection of the ragas like Reethigoula are proof of their taste for chaste music. These students of St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School, Abraham Memorial School and Cotton Hill Higher Secondary School, had to brave a lot of difficulties to record the songs. Convincing the school authorities was no mean task.

On recognising their talent, the school authorities turned compassionate and rendered all assistance. Their parents too had wholeheartedly supported them.

The team leader, Emil Mohammed, who has scored music for the songs written by A.A. Hameed, Aneesh, Arun, A.K. Anoop, Vimal, and Lakshmi, describes it as their dream project that is yet to materialise completely.

Despite several attempts Emil and his friends have not found any takers for the songs they have assiduously created.

Except Renjith, who works in a private studio in the city, the other singers, N.G. Sabarinath, Rana, Nasreen, Aswathy, Vimal Praveen, Anoop, and Govind who have rendered the songs are all Plus Two students. They have proved their worth in their maiden endeavour and are on par with professionals.

The lukewarm response of the music companies has spilled cold water on their enthusiasm to do more experiments in music. All those companies whom they approached either demanded big names in the singers' list or bargained for an outright sale. '`Most of the music companies were reluctant to take us seriously. Once we convinced and persuaded them to hear the songs, they argued that there would be no takers for the album without popular singers. Without encouraging budding talents how can we have promising singers in future,'' asks Emil.

``Some of them were generous to outrightly buy the songs and release it in their name. We are not ready for such a face-losing sacrifice,'' says Emil. The recording itself cost Rs. 40,000 for which Emil had to sacrifice his keyboard. This was in spite of the help from their parents. After writing the lyrics in different languages including Spanish, German and Arabic, they sought the help of their teachers to polish them.

All team members have made their contributions to improve the quality of the album. They discussed the theme of the songs in the course of tuition classes and the intervals in between. Certain songs were written while the recording was progressing.

Strangely enough, none of them had a formal training in music. The songs are an expression of their genuine talent. There are sportsmen and mimicry artistes in the team. These activities have not affected their studies too. Rather a model worth emulating for students and parents who think scholastic excellence is the ultimate aim.

By Nair N.J.

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