In care of the critically injured

Serving in times of emergency  

HUMAN LIFE is precious, but unfortunately it is vulnerable to the vicissitude of destiny. For persons in need of urgent medical care even a few minutes will make the difference between life and death. The Mettupalayam Road has been the scene of several mishaps. This is due to the fact that vans and maxi cabs carrying tourists commute to and fro from Ooty. But with hospitals located far away, in case of accidents, medical care may come too late for some. Though there are several doctors possessing the expertise in dealing with emergencies, the real problem is the difficulty encountered while transporting the critically injured to a hospital.

Moreover, when accidents occur on the highway, the nearest hospital might be far away, and might not have sufficient staff to deal with several patients simultaneously.

Though emergency teams have worked out well-established procedures to assess the condition of each patient, a well-equipped trauma care centre on the highway is what is lacking. In advanced countries, help-line centres are making their appearance along major highways.

The Premier Instruments and Controls Ltd, with Ganga Hospital, has now set up a trauma care centre at Chinnamaddampalayam. The Mettupalayam, MLA, A.K.Selvaraj, recently inaugurated the centre near Karamadai.

By Vidyashree Amaresh