In a new role

THE 33RD edition of the Kerala State Film Awards function held the other day sprang a surprise compere in humour artiste, Jagadeesh.

Announcing his appearance on stage in a `new avatar', Jagadeesh went about his assignment in a no frills manner that added to the dignity of the occasion.

And, an audience groomed on the freewheeling style of the comedian during stage performances must have been taken by complete surprise by the actor's switchover to restraint.

Several stars who had won prizes in various categories had been unable to turn up for the function. Jagadeesh was able to smother the absenteeism of prize-winners with some smart and professional compering. One of the moments that tested the compere's presence of mind was when there were no takers for the special jury award for the best book on cinema (which this time had been bagged by Mangad Ratnakaran). Jagadeesh averted a gaffe by promptly announcing that the trophy would be accepted on behalf of the winner by the Chalachitra Academy chairman, T. K. Rajeev Kumar. By Dinesh Varma M

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