In a cordial mood

THE AMBIENCE at the Sacred Hearts College, Thevara, on Thursday was quite misleading. Those gathered were supposed to discuss heavy themes, starting with colonial discourse and post-colonial theory. But the mood was one of cordiality and personal warmth.

For the teachers and students of English, it almost became an annual get-together. The delegates for the Dr. Daniel Thottakara Memorial national seminar keep coming back, religiously and this solidarity has kept the seminar going for the fifth year in succession, said C.S. Jayaram, head of the English department at the college, the mainstay of the seminar.

Familiarity gave a personal tone to the gathering, which smoothened the transaction of ideas and discussions. Also, it was more like a homecoming for Dr. K. Ayyappa Panicker who delivered the keynote address at the seminar. For, as he himself noted during his lecture, he had been kept seeing faces present before him, off and on. No wonder, as most of them were his students and each of them had nuggets of memories about the wonderful teacher that he still is.

By Anand Haridas