Iftar parties galore

It is one party that takes everyone in its fold. No one is a taboo here. All are welcome. As the month of fasting enters the second half, `Iftar parties' have become active. Hosting an Iftar party figures top on everyone's agenda. As Ramzan enters the final phase, there is a virtual scramble, particularly in the political parties, to arrange Iftar parties. With the political climate getting surcharged, no outfit can afford to miss cashing on the party. But, over the years, the solemn occasion of breaking the fast has been turned into a game of one-upmanship with everyone trying to outdo others. A large number of invitees invariably turn out to be those who are not fasting. The mad rush for the mouth-watering delicacies arranged on the occasion and the consequent jostling makes one sick. Pity how a pious occasion is turned into a `tamasha'.