Hunting for local talent

The veejays evoked good response.

The veejays evoked good response.  

It was a talent hunt launched some time ago by Channel V, the music channel from the Star network, that gave birth to the country's first all-girls' band, Viva.

The past few days saw much excitement and hectic activity amongst students and aspiring young singers in the city, when a roadshow by Southern Spice Music (SS Music), one of the leading South Indian music channels, came to town scouting for new talent.

The 24-hour multi-lingual music channel launched this pop star talent hunt as part of its second anniversary celebrations on April 14. The talent hunt, `Next Best Thing', was kicked off in Kerala as almost 60 per cent of the callers on the channel were from the State.

The channels's veejays - Shreya, Suhaas, Craig, Sapna, Carey, Usha, Navin and Karen - are searching for local singing talents through roadshows spanning 15 days, across the State.

After having visited colleges in Kozhikode, Thrissur and Kochi, where they reportedly evoked tremendous response, the team had been in the city for three days, interacting with youngsters.

The channel, with its headquarters in Chennai, was in news early this year, when they overtook the immensely popular youth channel MTV and Channel V in Chennai in TAM ratings. The channel, though packaged in English, airs Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam music, apart from Indi-pop, rock and other popular stuff.

The talent hunt requires the participants to send their entries to the channel, along with audio or video recording of their song.

The best ones will be short-listed and auditions will be held for them in Kochi in June.

Two groups each will be selected from Malayalam and English category. Those making it to the finals — which will be held in Bangalore or Chennai — will have to sing their own compositions.

And the winners will get to make a music album of their best songs, which will be brought out and promoted by SS Music.

Some of the popular interactive phone-in programmes, on the channel are `Say to Play', `Reach Out' and `Phone-tastic'. `Hot Hotter Hottest', `Fast Forward' and `Loaded' are some of the other hot shows on air.

Whether it'll be a Mallu dude/damsel who gets to be the `Next Best thing' that happens to music is something to be seen.

By Maya C.

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