House of hope

How about auctioning the rights to telecast the proceedings of the House! Glamorous stars maybe asked to contest the elections and grace the House.

That would make the channels vie for the telecast rights. Sometimes the belligerent members' feats may attract the WWF too.

Why can't the State float a bank similar to that of Krishi and fleece the haves' and fill the exchequer. The great men like Ketan Parekh maybe asked to act as financial consultants.

They can as well ask the top police officers to let the weapons, they have confiscated off the record, to be used by the antisocial gangs and may be charged for the service.

If all these fail to fill the coffers, the Council seats and nominated posts maybe auctioned so that power-starved people may buy them at an exorbitant price. Beware... they may bid for the Chief Minister's gaddi also. A few seats maybe reserved for film stars to make the sessions lively.

T. Sreenivasa Reddy, Anantapur

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