'Hottest' contest to beat monsoon blues

GEARED TO set pulse rates soaring and heads spinning, AXN has scheduled yet another ground event as the rain gods revisit the country. The "AXN Hot N Wild Contest'' is a search for India's "hottest'' couple and is all about finding the perfect combination of sophistication, style and attitude.

Modelled along the lines of the latest reality TV sensation "Are you Hot'', currently on the air on Wednesdays at 11 p.m. during the Hot N Wild Time Zone on AXN, the clincher in selecting the winner would be finding that spark of daredevilry that matches the channel's spirit of action and adventure.

But the contest does not end with the search. The "hottest'' girl and guy would go on to become television stars in one of AXN's upcoming local productions.

The AXN Hot N Wild road shows will hit Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata before culminating in city-centric auditions and a grand finale in Mumbai. The participants will be evaluated by an elite panel of judges comprising some of the big names in the world of entertainment and glamour at the grand finale in the city after the two-month long hunt.

But if it's not fame and stardom you're looking for and just want to beat the monsoon blues, there is a specially created Hot N Wild coffee at all Cafe Coffee Day and Coffeeday Xpress outlets.

By Anjali Malhotra

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