Hot and cool

IN THE summer of 2003, something that called itself `semma hot', came blazing down to town. Now that the season has changed, the radio station too, has decided to play it cool. With its new `Ithu Namma Kollywood Station Machi' positioning, Radio Mirchi, plans to get deeper into the city's pysche and population as well.

The Mirchi Station Head, Sharath Chandra, is a happy man, given what the station has achieved "by design". "We completed 180 days recently. So, we decided to make a half-yearly balance-sheet and see where we stood. We made a list of all the people whom we've had `on air' and realised that we had more than 100 celebrities. Actors, musicians and others from Kollywood," he says. He recalls how singer SPB's birthday was made when 4000 callers clogged the station's 40 lines in a span of two hours and actor Srikanth found about 100 persons outside the radio station a short while after 400 callers jammed the phone lines when he was on air.

"We invite them over. We give them a reason why they should go on air. Usually, it has to do with some important activity of theirs. Surya came to promote `Kaakha Kaakha'. We invited Kamal on his birthday," the station-head reveals. Keeping in tune with its image and positioning, the station has quickly stepped into its Kollywood campaign with three new capsules - Mirchi Movie of the Month (when the station will play songs from the latest release of the month), Mirchi Fresh Star (interviews with new stars) and Star Birthdays (where fans can wish their favourite stars).

By Sudhish Kamath

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