Honest message

TAKING THE nasty along with the nice. Being in public service exposes government servants to a lot of criticism, but praise, even if rare is a great boost. Especially if it comes from unexpected quarters.

The police are now cracking down on autorickshaws in the city, in a bid to regulate ownership and sever the ties between anti-social elements and autos. Every auto driver in the city is expected to posses a yellow card, which will be issued by the officials after verifying documents.

In this context, it indeed comes as a surprise that an auto-driver has a compliment for the Police Commissioner, K. Vijay Kumar. The auto, doing the rounds in Adyar and Kasturba Nagar, has this message painted on it in Tamil. It reads, "Vijay Kumar is the most honest police officer. He should continue as the Commissioner of Police in the city."

By Manikandan K

Photo: R. Ragu

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