Holistic centre for children

SRI RAMACHANDRA Medical College and Research Institute Deemed University in Chennai has started `Vidya Sudha,' a holistic learning centre for children with special needs.

The mission of the centre is to bring inter and intra department expertise available at SRMC to provide the correct inputs to children and enhance their learning.

Vidya Sudha has specialities such as paediatrics, psychiatry, physiotherapy, speech and language and psychology.

According to Radha Venkatachalam, Registrar and Chief Executive Director, SRMC, the objective is to bring out the potential in children by providing them with opportunities to develop physical, intellectual, social and creative capacities.

Vidya Sudha will offer early identification and intervention, individual therapy sessions such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and clinical psychology. It will also offer clinical assessment, parent training and nutrition counselling.

It is estimated that the population with some form of disability or the other is over 90 million. Approximately three per cent of the population is mentally challenged.

M. Dinesh Varma

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