Holi, holi, hurray!

FREE SPIRIT: Kids having a gala time.

FREE SPIRIT: Kids having a gala time.  

Heaps of colour power stacked up on the streets. Screaming pink, marigold yellow, grasshopper green, colours and more colours blinding the eye. Then, there was the powder that makes all the difference - satin white and looking oh so innocuous!

Next to it, was the neighbourhood `halvai' store, aluminium trays filled with `kalakhand', that quintessentially Indian sweet, stacked nicely in the front with the smell of pure ghee rising above and a great pan of boiling milk being stirred.

And yes, spring was in the air too!

It's `Holi', the festival of colours again with the rising mercury, it's more earthy equivalent, the silver-white metal leaving one bright in the face and the City swept by a sea of some more colours. As colourful as they can get.

UNITED COLOURS OF CYBERABAD: What better way to celebrate.

UNITED COLOURS OF CYBERABAD: What better way to celebrate.  

The scene was one of unbridled enthusiasm as people added the annual dash of colour to their lives with belligerence. Their appearances beyond recognition, many a countenance sported screaming pink or dazzling silver, people sank themselves in the joyous spirit of Holi with the enthusiastic turning ecstatic and the reticent exuberant.

As is increasingly becoming the trend, some holiday resorts have come up with Holi festivities on the City outskirts like the one at Treasure Island. But conspicuous by their absence were the rain dance events this year. "But, colour water rained everywhere and look at the streets,'' a reveller asked. The streets had colour water flowing everywhere and the roads turned simply red!

Revellers moved around in four wheelers and two wheelers while the occupants - their faces drenched in layers of colours and the eyes sporting a single colour, blood red - stepping up the gas. But, the City police had stopped the sale of liquor on Holi eve, right? "It's a bad joke,'' sniggered a reveller listing out the places where spirits were `freely available' on the Holi eve night, all night long at many places, actually. Monda Market, Lakdikapul, Marredpally, Jubilee Hills, Khairatabad, Balanagar... the list goes on.

By K.V.S. Madhav Photos: Satish H.

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