Hit parade continues

After stretching his sequence of hits with `Meesamadhavan', in which he played a moustache-twirling thief with a heart of gold, Dileep is currently wowing audiences in the role of a toothy hunchback in `Kunjikkoonan'.

This time, however, the actor has drawn flak from some quarters for allegedly portraying the physically challenged in a poor light in the film.

Unfazed, Dileep is appearing on a popular television talk show to defend himself. What is more, the actor makes the appearance on the show as `Kunjikkoonan' himself, the central character in the film. `Kunjikkoonan' has been pitched into a two-part episode of `Nammal Thammil', which is due for telecast on Asianet on November 9 and 16. The actor faces a volley of questions relating to the accusation that the film had hurt the sentiments of the physically challenged. According to industry buzz, Dileep was initially apprehensive about making such a television appearance while the film is still being unspooled in the theatres.

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