His favourite

Having a custom built vehicle is a luxury that not many can afford. But K.K. Kora, a native of Kottayam who lives in the city, has done it in quite an affordable way.

Going by his words, Mr. Kora imported a three-cylinder diesel engine from Japan, ``an original Honda'', and his son designed a vehicle for it. ``I built it bit by bit over four years.'' And it cost him about Rs. 3 lakhs. ``But I did not feel it as the money was spent in parts.''

It has a mileage of 24 km per litre of diesel and a trip to Chennai would cost him fuel worth only Rs. 450, Mr. Kora said.

Also, the body of the vehicle is so built that it could accommodate more luggage than an ordinary saloon. He has four cars, two of them in the premium class. But he loves driving around a vehicle which he made by himself. And not surprisingly, this vehicle remains his favourite.

By Anand Haridas

Photo: K.K. Mustafah

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